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Gold Empire Resources Ltd (GERL) is a wholly Ghanaian owned company established in 2012 with business registration number CS102272012 and principal place of business located at #35 Labone, Labone Crescent, Accra.

GERL is one of five mining companies under the ownership of Key Empire Resources Ltd.


Be the one-stop-shop for unparalleled mining services in the large and small scale mining industries in Ghana.


Become the mining firm of choice for our customers and partners in Ghana’s large and small scale mining industries.


  • Leverage our deep technical knowledge and experience in the gold mining industry to provide efficient services and qualified advice to our customers and partners.
  • Provide innovative and creative mining service offerings to enhance the global competitiveness of Ghanaian and African mining firms.
  • Leverage Ghana’s status as the leading exporter of gold in Africa to drive the development and implementation of socioeconomic reforms in Africa’s gold mining industry.
  • Develop new sustainable partnerships to bring about the achievement of our vision.


Our portfolio of services includes the:

  • Purchase, aggregation and sales of gold sourced from our extensive network of small scale mining companies and miners in Ghana
  • Export of Ghana’s finest gold to international customers
  • Acquisition of large and small scale gold mining concessions
  • Acquisition and execution of contract mining services
  • Acquisition of investors for various mining activities
  • Undertaking other related mining services


The GERL team is comprised of founders and partners with more than 20 years’ experience in the gold mining industry and over 50 years’ experience in diverse other industries including real estate development, energy, agricultural services, legal services and ICTs.


As GERL is relatively a newly incorporated company, we count the experiences of its founders and partners as its own reference.


GERL will provide detailed descriptions of the experiences of its founders and partners whenever required.





  • Providing technical services from inception to mining (short term planning)
  • Do pre-feasibilities and financial valuation of projects
  • Do Mine planning and mine design (Long term Planning)
  • Mining and Contract Mining
  • Buying by aggregating and selling small scale mining gold
  • Soon to transport and export small scale gold (Dore bars)


We provide all the contract services miners (investors and mine companies) need to successfully explore, develop, and mine in Ghana.

 Our contract mining service offering includes services in end-to-end value for our clients: planning and exploration, mine development, production and rehabilitation.

Mining Management

  • Underground low seam
  • Project conceptualisation mining
  • Project control and execution
  • Opencast load and haul
  • Project planning and mining facilitation
  • Report writing
  • Post project evaluation


We provide rehabilitation services for mined-out concessions in three key areas as below.

Rehabilitation work

  • Spoils levelling
  • Topsoil placement and reclamation

Mine closure planning

  • Determination and assessment of financial closure provisions
  • Rehabilitation designs

Aftercare and maintenance

  • Fertilizer application, erosion control
  • Topsoil and vegetation management
  • activities (cutting and bailing)





  • Road building and maintenance
  • Constructing and moving stone dust barriers
  • Stone dust sampling
  • Belt installations and maintenance
  • Belt sweeping
  • Erection of ventilation walls
  • Back bye roof support
  • Stone work and dyke mining

Surface (Opencast) Mining

  • Dust Control,
  • Road building and maintenance
  • Drilling and Exploration
  • Crushing and Screening
  • Load and Haul (Dumper and Tipper trucks)
  • Alluvial mining and processing





Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Policy

At GERL, we are committed to Health, Safety & Environment and Quality (HSEQ) in all aspects of our business. HSEQ is integral to the way we do business.

We recognize communities, employees, business partners, suppliers and customers as stakeholders and take practical efforts to address our stakeholder HSEQ needs. We commit to zero harm to people, environment and property. We commit to efficient and total customer satisfaction and improved value for our stakeholders.

We are committed to continual improvement in our operations, performance and service delivery, as a result, we make HSEQ a core tenet of all decisions we take in order to achieve this commitment.

Our management system is consistent with organisational standards, legislation and other relevant requirements in our country of incorporation. We undertake to ensure that our management system is developed, documented, implemented and maintained in a manner that is both understood and effective at all levels in our business to enable us:

  • Identify, assess and manage risks to our employees, client’s employees and the environment;
  • Commit to achieving leading industry practice and recognition;
  • Meet and where appropriate, exceed applicable legislation;
  • Lead and develop our people and provide resources to achieve our targets;
  • Support the fundamental human rights of employees and safeguard them from exposure to unacceptable risks.

We will seek opportunities to share our success by developing partnerships that focus on creating sustainable value for all stakeholders. We will regularly review our progress and communicate results to all stakeholders in order to enable a relationship based on honesty, openness and mutual trust. We will be successful when we achieve our targets toward our goal of zero harm and are valued by the clients whom we serve.







I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in GERL to supply gold dore to you. It was very fulfilling and I look forward to mutually beneficial relationship hereon.

In response to your request, indicating your intent to purchase xxkg Dore per month and then build on. I make this preliminary offer for your consideration:

  1. Supply of xxkg Dore per every four (4) weeks and build up to ……. per month from the 3rd month.
  2. This will commence after a full deposit of funds into Gold Empire Resources Ltd Project (GERLP) account.



  1. On accepting and agreeing on the offer, both parties exchange KYC/CIS.
  2. Supplier issues Sales and Purchase agreement (SPA) to Buyer for completion.
  3. Final copies of SPA are exchanged.
  4. Supplier issues commercial invoice
  5. Client issues and a Purchase Order setting out the quantities, agreed price and payment is made via wire transfer to GERLP bank account.
  6. Upon successful receipt of transferred funds, Aggregating, Buying and Shipment commences as agreed in the contract.


All shipment shall be covered by the following documents:


A proof of full payment of Au to Bank of Ghana for permit to ship outside Ghana


  1. For Dubai
  2. Assay Certificate / Report from PMMC
    2. Invoice
    3. Parking list
    4. Air way bill
    5 Certificate of Origin

    B. For India
    In addition to above…

  3. Miner’s license
    2. Miners Assay
    3. Exporter’s license